1. Agent: When a band member asks if I want to book their new experimental side project…

  2. Firefighter Tommy Karevik saves cyclists life.
    Article from Swedish newspaper Mitt i.

    Swedish news story: http://mitti.se/?p=46061

  3. Sunday, two-time Olympic medalist, Elvis Stojko skated to KAMELOT's “Anthem” at the US Championship that aired on NBC \m/ skip to 1:18:05 for his performance

  4. Epica’s USA debut at ProgPower USA VII in Sept. 2006 - photo by Todd Brown

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  6. Seventh Wonder - Visit to studio Wonderland, Nov 2013

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  10. Celebrating 10 years of Epica in my native country felt like coming home again,and topped all my expectations. It’s the icing on the cake,and something I proudly share with all our fans”